Healthy breathing

Breathe healthy

Nasal breathing is the most natural and healthy way to breathe, because the nose warms, moistens and filters the air before it is inhaled in our body. Unfortunately, our nose is not able
to filter fine dusts and allergens contained in the polluted air of the cities, that’s why
HSD Europe has patented the anti-pollution and anti-allergy SANISPIRA® nasal filter.

SANISPIRA® is a new individual nasal device, that captures the pollutants in the air of our cities, provides the right protection to all those who need to face urban traffic during peak hours, both for professional use or for private use.

Currently, in urban areas PM10 and PM 2.5 are constantly monitored, while the ultra-fine particles (PM 1.0) are more difficult to control and are also the most harmful, because they can reach the deep lung and then pass in the bloodstream causing cardiovascular diseases.

The filtering action of SANISPIRA® strengthens our own body's natural nasal filter and retains the substances dangerous to our health which are contained in the city's air. This special filtering action of SANISPIRA® helps keep out ultra-fine particles (PM 1.0) as well.

SANISPIRA® is a discreet and effective nasal filter that allows you to breathe in a healthy
manner through: