Dust mites defence

Dust mites defense

Chronic cold, stuffy nose, sneezing, red eyes, eczema and allergic asthma are the symptoms of a dust mite allergy.

Those who suffer from dust allergies are often not allergic to the dust itself but rather to the dust mites and the animal dander (cat hair, dog hair, feathers contained therein...).

Dust mites and animal dander make life difficult for people with allergies because these substances are always present in the air, even at home and so it is impossible not to inhale them.

The SANISPIRA® nasal filter is a real solution to the problem of dust mite allergies by reducing the inhalation of the allergens thanks to its biocompatible gel lining.

Preventing allergies to dust and dust mites with the SANISPIRA® nasal filter enables sufferers to rediscover the pleasures of a normal life, breathing in the air without the fear that it might be harmful to their health.