Nasal filters

The filtration principle of the nasal filters SANISPIRA® and SANISPIRA® DPI (PPE) is based on a special biogel, which offers an attractive action of particles, dust and allergens in the air flow, contributing to the prevention of allergic reactions and damages to the respiratory tract.

The inner walls of the device, covered by the special biogel are helix shaped with the purpose to increase the turbulence of the air inspired, to maximize the impact of particles with the inner walls of the filter, while maintaining a minimum breathing resistance. The use of SANISPIRA® is useful to prevent respiratory symptoms of air pollution and allergies for those who live in big cities. SANISPIRA® DPI (PPE) is a more powerful version of the nasal filter, suitable for professional use (PPE-personal protective equipment).

Three highly innovative components characterize the functioning of SANISPIRA ® DPI (PPE): the material, the fluid dynamics and the biogel. The internal side, helicoid shaped and produced with TPE compound, is covered by a biocompatible gel, characterized by electrostatic and strong viscosity, which strongly helps to capture airborne particles.