Preventing allergies

Preventing allergies

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies know that the best way to defend against allergies
is to avoid coming into contact with the specific allergen in question. Once triggered the symptoms of an allergic response (sneezing, respiratory problems, watery eyes and, at worst, even asthma) are very difficult to stop.

The SANISPIRA® nasal filter helps protect against allergies by filtering out the allergens (pollen, animal dander, dust mites ...) so they do not come into contact with the respiratory tract.

Thanks to the SANISPIRA® nasal filter allergy sufferers have the opportunity to live a normal life, spending their time outdoors without the fear of the unpleasant symptoms caused by allergic reactions.

Obviously there are different types of allergies (food, contact allergies…) but it is the allergies affecting the respiratory tract that may derive the most benefit from the use of the new nasal filter.

SANISPIRA® prevents the adverse affects of seasonal pollen and is effective
against the following allergies: